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Wesley Sa

Teles Guerra


Wesley Sá Teles Guerra, always says that his trajectory in International Relations, started on the day he and his family immigrated to Europe, when he was just over 9 years old.


Living in a country whose language and culture are different from the home country is an enriching process, at the same time it shapes your view of the world, promoting from an early age a broader view of things, as your family and social ties keep you united with two realities, two countries, two continents...


The fact that he constantly changes for work reasons in his countries, led him to live in several cities and countries in Europe, as well as living with several languages and different views, whether within Spain, living in Madrid, Barcelona or A Coruña and studying the languages and local culture from each of these regions, or living in other countries such as Italy or Switzerland. As a result of this constant change, he learned 7 languages and as the saying goes "With each language we learn, we acquire a new soul", so it is not surprising that the area of International Relations and all its diversity of views was a trend for him already nurtured by empirical experience and his training as an individual.


Graduated in International Trade and Negotiations at the Prat de Llobregat Economic Promotion Center in Barcelona, he later studied Administration at the Catholic University of Brasília, to finally take the official leap into International Relations at the São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics Foundation. At that time, he began his career in the public sector, although he had already worked in international outsourcing and foreign trade for private sector multinationals such as HP or AXA Insurance in Spain and Brazil.


In the public sector, he worked for the Generalitat de Cataluña (Government of Catalonia) in its São Paulo office, where he was able to develop professionally while continuing his studies. During this stage, he attended two MBAs, one in Global Partnerships the other in International Marketing and founded, together with a group of FEPSP students, the Center for Studies in International Relations (CERES). Likewise, he was invited to participate in the CEIRI Center for Strategy, Intelligence and International Relations, where he began to publish articles related to International Relations and paradiplomacy.


The possibility of participating in the projects of the Government of Catalonia in Brazil, of fostering partnerships with several states, participating in government and business commissions, as well as being a witness of the Catalan process, has broadened their horizons even further.


Finally, he was responsible for the Smartcities sector and academic cooperation, and took a Masters in Social Policies with Specialization in Migrations at the Universidad de A Coruña (Spain), always keeping a parallel between his experience as a person and as an internationalist professional. After 7 years, he returned to Spain in 2019, where he began his collaboration with the Galician Institute of International Analysis and Documentation, this time working in another region of Spain, with a global vision different from Catalan, allowing him to learn more and more, as well as continue his studies and pursue his doctorate in the area of International Contemporary Society and a second master's degree in Planning and Development of Smart Cities at the Universitat Carlemany de Andorra, always relying on the multidisciplinarity of International Relations and on the various capacities that an internationalist professional must have .


He is currently an associate contributor to the Galego da Lusofonia Observatory, a member of the Smart City Council, the Entrepreneurial Network for Economic, Social and Sustainable Development and participates with the National Association of International Relations Professionals in its activities in Spain, also acts as coordinator of the area of economics at CEDEPEM Center for Marine Space Research Studies at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, in addition to maintaining its relationship with CEIRI and eventually participating in the Latin American Post and other IAPSS publications.



Doctoral student in Sociology and changes in contemporary society

UNED National Distance University

MBA International Marketing

MIB Massachusetts Institute of Business

MBA Global International Agreements

ILADEC Latin American Institute for Economic Development. two

Master in Social Policy specialization in Migrations

The University of A Coruña in A Coruña

Postgraduate in Political Science and International Relations

São Paulo School of Sociology and Politics - FESPSP

Degree in Business Administration - Spain Approved

Catholic university of Brasilia



IGADI - Instituto Gallego de Documentación y Análisis Internacional

IAPSS - International Association for Political Sciences Students

ECPR - European Consortium for Political Research

ALLAS - Alianza Eurolatina de Cooperación entre Ciudades

REDESS - Entrepreneurial Network for Economic, Social and Sustainable Development

REPIT - Network of Expertos in Paradiplomacy and Territorial Internationalization

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