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Wesley Sá Teles Guerra

Researcher and consultant in International Relations.
International Marketing and Internationalization.
Smartcities and  local development. Innovations and TICS. Paradiplomacy and migrations. 

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Brasília, Postgraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo, MBA in International Marketing from the Massachusetts Institute of Business (United States), and MBA in Global Partnerships from ILADEC/Humboldt International University (United States). Master's degree in Social Policies and Community Intervention with specialization in Migrations from the University of A Coruña (Spain), Master's degree in Smartcities Management and Planning from Carlemany University (Andorra), and currently a PhD candidate in Sociology and Changes in Contemporary International Society (Spain). Holds a university degree in Microsystems and Networks from Antonio de Nebrija University (Spain) and specialization in AI and Scrum.

Founder of CERES - Center for International Relations Studies, associate member of IGADI - Galician Institute of Analysis and International Documentation, coordinator of OGALUS - Galician Observatory of Lusophony.

Paradiplomat with over 10 years of experience, responsible for over 100 internationalization projects and the baseline study of relations between Brazil and the Galicia region (Spain). Worked for 7 years with the Generalitat of Catalonia (Spain) and served as an internationalization manager attached to IGAPE - Galician Institute for Foreign Promotion and partner of the Promoter Association of the Lusophony House. Currently representing AEGASP - Association of Galician Entrepreneurs in the State of São Paulo in Spain.

Professor of Marketing and Smartcities at ENFRI - National School of Training in International Relations.

Author of the books "Cadernos de Paradiplomacia" and "Paradiplomacy Reviews," co-author of the Baseline Study for a Brazil-Galicia Plan for the Xunta de Galicia and other publications.



Academic articles and publications, magazines and websites.

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Participation in lectures, congresses, events and interviews in Brazil and Europe.

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